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Our versatile ecommerce platform can be used to sell a single item or thousands.


We design and sell expansion boards for Raspberry Pi and Arduino.

Atlas CMS

Our bespoke easy to use content management system.


A small sample of our work and projects.

AB Electronics UK

Our own ecommerce website selling a range of Raspberry Pi expansion boards and accessories.

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AB Electronics UK


Virtual Swanage

Our local tourism website which has been online since 1996 promoting our home town and the surrounding area.

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Virtual Swanage


Andy Farrer Photography

Award winning landscape photographer online shop and gallery.

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Andy Farrer Photography



The history of apexweb ltd

  • November 1998

    Our Humble Beginnings

    apexweb was formed by Brian Dorey, back in the days of Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer.

  • 1998 - 2014

    Websites, Apps and Software

    We have built hundreds of websites from single page brochures to large ecommerce projects, mobile apps and various software packages, even medical training software for the NHS.

  • SEPTEMBER 2012

    AB Electronics UK started

    After one of our home projects was featured on Hackaday.com, we had hundreds of requests to buy the Rasberry Pi datalogger board we had built. We ordered 200 boards thinking it would take a few years to sell them all and after only one month they had all sold! The product range now has over 20 products designed and built in our home town and sold worldwide.

  • APRIL 2014

    apexweb ltd formed

    After working closely with AddImage for the past 10 years we have merged apexweb and AddImage to become apexweb ltd, and will continue to work closely with our web design clients and electronics customers.

  • our team

    The people behind apexweb ltd.

    Brian Dorey

    Director / Coder

    Andrew Dorey

    Director / Designer


    Electronics Production

    DaPPeR the Diy PnP Robot is the latest team member who builds Raspberry Pi and other circuit boards for our AB Electronics UK shop.


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